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Door Access Code Change


Your Safety is our Top Priority

We all have a responsibility to keep our homes safe

A few months ago following an illegal entry, we were advised by the Police to change the door code using by Royal Mail

The code has had to be changed again, as there has been a further incident and we know the code has been shared without authority

Residents can only gain access to our building by using your fob, which registers your use on the system

Please do not ask the postman or caretaker for the code

Delivery companies cannot be given the code, they can press your apartment bell for access, can leave it with a prearranged neighbour or deliver to a local store or local post office

All other callers must use the intercom next to the front door to buzz up to a particular flat, however convincing their story is, do not let them in

Tailgating – please do not allow other to follow you in the building, unless you know them or they are your guests

Use the eye spy in your front door and ask for proof of identity, talk through your door and if you must open your front door use the chain, if you are concerned ring the police and shout out

To maintain the security offered by this system it is important that:

  • you report the loss of any fobs immediately the Agents
  • you do not give your fob to anyone else for them to use
  • you do not wedge open any of the entrance doors
  • you make sure you know who you are letting in

Report suspicious people to the caretaker or the local police and if possible safely take a photo from the safety of your home.

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