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Living Safely

Fire Safety

Your apartment is fitted with its own smoke detector and you are responsible to keep them in good working order. There are no fire alarms on the development. There are smoke detectors in the corridors.

Each building is fitted with automatic opening vents - AOV's (excluding Baltic). The AOV system has specific smoke detectors in the corridors. If smoke is detected, windows or skylights open on motors to vent smoke. If activated it will omit a bleep and this will need to be reported to reset.

Please be aware, the AOV system also serves to provide access to the roofs. Activating an AOV skylight to access the roofs will result in the AOV panels beeping. Only authorised people are allowed on any roofs. This is not a fire alarm. The AOV panels are not fire alarms.

Each block has signs by exit doors or on notice boards describing the fire procedure.

Each block has notices up describing leaseholder responsibilities in relation to fire prevention.


Atlantic, Pacific, Caspian and Ionian have fire riser connection points on Suez Way. This allows the fire brigade to pump water into the blocks which can be accessed on each floor in the south stairwell.

Your flat has heat and / or smoke detectors and it may have fire blankets and fire extinguishers. All such equipment have a limited life and need to be checked at least annually. We have posted in the faults some support help on how to check, replace and professionals that can do this for you.

Entry System / Safety / CCTV

Your blue fob will give access to your building. They are all numbered and recorded. A new fob audit was completed in 2021. We now have a full list of fobs that have been issued to each property. Lost or new fobs can be arranged with the Managing Agent. Be careful not to use counterfeit fobs they show up in the system and are a lease violation.

Be responsible about everyone's safety and ensure no-one has access to the buildings other than residents, or delivery companies who should in the first instance call on the door entry system so they can be let in. PLEASE do not give your fobs or keys to anyone else or let in anyone you do not know into the building. Tailgating, - To protect us all take care not to let others in behind you when you enter the building. If you do not know someone just saying hi, can be a deterrent or you meet your neighbour.,

CCTV is active by the entrances/exits of all blocks apart from Baltic View. Car park gates are also covered as is the gym. All CCTV cameras are inside and cover entrance/exit doors/car park gates.

All fobs that are not on this list have been deactivated so that no further access can be given to those who do not own or live on the estate.CCTV is active by the entrances/exits of all blocks apart from Baltic View. Car park gates are also covered as is the gym. All CCTV cameras are inside and cover entrance/exit doors/car park gates.

Entry System / safety - Entry to all blocks is by means of a fob. Requests for new/replacement fobs should be made through the Managing Agents.The entry system (including fobs and intercom handsets) is maintained by a contractor. Faults should be reported to the Caretaker or the Managing Agents office, or the out of hours service.

Each block has an intercom system. Flats can be dialled via the panels at the entrances. A trade number code is in operation 07.30 to 13.30. The code is given only to Royal Mail. There are no trade buttons in operation.


If you are concerned about people hanging around or see criminal or suspicious activity should be reported to the Police. CCTV can be reviewed by the Caretaker who can also report to the Police and supply footage. CCTV footage cannot be shown to anyone other than the Police or the Manging Agents.

Building and Resident Safety

We have had a number of reports of people roaming the corridors at night trying doors.Be sensible and be safe, always lock doors and windows, never let anyone into the building you don't know or expect at any time, use your spy hole and door chains and always ask for ID. If in doubt, do not open your door, shout that you have called the Police and if you feel threatened call a neighbour or the Police.


All water bills are sent direct to you by the Managing Agents and not the Water Company
Water meters are read on the first of each month by the caretaker and submitted to the Managing Agents.

The Managing Agents manage the billing of water usage in accordance with Southern Water rates. A set amount is charged to each apartment and your usage is balanced with each water bill you receive from the Managing Agent. Southern water does not bill individual flats. Owners/tenants are not required to set up accounts with Southern Water.
Contact the Caretaker for water meter location if you want to check your meter yourself.
Each apartment has a stopcock and you are responsible for any internal water leaks water ingress to other flats and the repairs.

Estate Water
Water used around the estate is charged through the service charge with an allocation to each building service charge and the balance charged to the estate.

Check out the fault & tips section for local recommended contractors.

BBQ / Fires / Fireworks

BBQ’s and small disposable BBQ’s, firepits, Chiminea or any Outdoor Fires are not allowed anywhere on the estate including gardens and private terraces and balconies, as they are a fire hazard.

No Smoking

The Grand Ocean Estate is a non-smoking zone and is not permitted anywhere on the estate. If you smoke in your home please dispose of butts responsibly.


If you smoke on your terrace please dispose of ends responsibly.