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Feeding Foxes and other wild animals and birds

So cute, but please avoid trying to tame, touch or hand-feed foxes

As wild animals, they should be respected and deterred from becoming too bold. Many people are scared of urban foxes because they mistake their inquisitive behaviour for aggression. Evidence shows unless rabid which is rare, they are more scared of people and will run away.

But feeding foxes or leaving out pet food will lead to problems as they may bury some, defecate, chase cats, birds or cause other problems in the gardens leading to ill-feeling against the foxes.

There are reports of them being fed and encouraged into homes, this had led to reports of them entering flats and removing shoes, belts and other items. This can be alarming to find a fox in your home especially if you are vulnerable or have babies and children.

We spend your service charge on dealing with bird excrement every year, please do not feed the seagulls or other wild life.

Enjoy the wild life on the TV or from afar, respect them, so please do not put their survival at risk by treating them as pets.

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