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Car Parking Permits

A new contract is being negotiated and  enforcement will be more stringent after a number of complaints of unauthorised parking by vehicles not displaying a car parking permit, have been made.

The fine for unauthorised parking is hefty,  so please get in touch with Remus if you need a permit.

The easiest way to avoid a fine is to display a valid permit and please ensure you park inside the marked bay for your space.

The scheme is to ensure that only authorised taxed vehicles are parked in privately owned spaces. 

NB. Parking of motor bikes, scooters, cars or other items in unmarked space may result in a penalty fine and removal at your own cost. There is no parking allowed across the entrances and exits or in hatched areas at any time, to allow emergency vehicles access and you will be ticketed.

This includes all parking bays across the whole estate including in front of the Grand Ocean Building and doctors parking will be enforced, as they need access to surgery 24/7 (not m-f)

If you are moving or need access to Suez Way you must arrange this with our Caretaker John and adhere to the moving protocols. Unauthorised vehicles may get a ticket.  Please just ask permission.

If you are in any doubt seek advice  rom Remus and ask your guests to park off the estate 24/7.

We want a safer space for all residents where regulation is clear and transparent to help us all.


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