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Fire Safety Survey Notice preparations – important

Fire Safety Survey preparations – important

​The work being carried out​

  • ​This work is being carried on to common parts and your cooperation is appreciated.
  • The work is an essential element to establish the exact build of all the walls in the 4 New Builds (Atlantic, Pacific, Caspian, Ionian) ​and there will be a Chartered Fire Engineer, a Chartered Surveyor and contractors on site to carry out this work.
  • The areas to be inspected have been identified and include various parts of the 4 new builds at different heights and include grey cladding and render style areas on all 4 elevations.
  • The front areas of the Grand Ocean Building, the doctors surgery and Baltic view should not be affected other than some displaced mess and noise.

Schedule of planned activities and work (this is subject to change)

Week commencing
7/3/22 – scaffolding erected to initial inspection areas, access and possible ongoing disruption to Suez Way and Upper Garage entrance area on Wicklands Avenue.
​14/3/22 – survey and inspection commences expected noise, mess and some inconvenience.
21/3/22 – scaffolding removed, site cleared and cleaned and any final repairs completed

Notes to residents 

  • ​All properties will have been advised about scaffolding going up and possible mess, dust and noise; near or around the​ir homes. 
  • We acknowledge that older and child caring residents, home and night workers will be particularly affected and we apologize in advance and thank you all for your cooperation.
  • Notices should be placed on all notice boards​, website and Facebook.
  • The investigation areas will be repaired and made watertight after each area is inspected. (a repair will be visible and these areas are planned for future replacement)
  • All residents should reduce possible infiltration of dirt, dust and noise by keeping windows and doors closed during the active work period.
  • For safety, children ​and adults ​should ​avoid the areas around the scaffolding and dogs should be kept on a leash.​
  • While the scaffolding is in place please take extra safety precautions at night.
  • Access to some areas in particular Suez Way will be restricted.
  • The scope of the inspection is very clear and we want to leave the professionals to get on with their work, a cheery hello or a cup of tea would be welcome I am sure.
  • Although this is not anticipated, residents are asked to accommodate any request for access if needed to homes, access is needed on some terraces.
  • The length of the work will depend on what the intrusive investigations find and is weather dependent.


This work will provide
  • A confidential report by the Chartered Fire Engineer to see if the buildings met with the building regulation at the time.
  • It will also form the basis of the schedule of repairs to make the buildings safe to meet the building insurance conditions.
  • The Chartered Surveyor will oversee all future works and will inform other work ongoing on respect of the leaseholders NHBC claims.
  • The Directors will advise leaseholders and residents of the outcomes and next steps in the monthly newsletter.

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