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Home » GOVMC ATA final deadline is the 7 January 2022

GOVMC ATA final deadline is the 7 January 2022

The GOVMC Authority to Act form

Your Directors are moving ahead with our strategic action plan to address our NHBC claims.

If you wish for GOVMC to continue to act for you to appoint solicitors and experts to fight your claims please return the GOVMC Authority to Act by Friday 7th January. You can download the ATA here:

We are acting as your agent not your legal representative, so we can all operate collectively to save on costs by sharing them. We understand your pain because we have the same pain.

If you have concerns or would like to discuss your choices please email [email protected] with your phone number and we can arrange for a chat with a member of the director team.

All decision-making is taken with advice from experts after careful consideration of the risks balancing the shared costs for leaseholders with the viability and possibility of success. Assertive, steady, strategic action, step-by-step, advising you of progress at all key stages.

NB this is not the NHBC authority to act about the rendering claim

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