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Baltic doors vandalised

Over the weekend of 27/28 Nov two doors into Baltic were vandalised.

This has been reported to the Police and the Remus team are looking at CCTV  and have organised a repair.

The Police attended on 2/12/2021 to review the CCTV footage………..

vandalism = less security for our homes = unnecessary expensive repairs = higher service charges/rent = unpleasant unkept estate = encourages more vandalism

How we all can help 

  • make sure outer doors are securely closed
  • know you neighbours, say hello to everyone, if you don’t recognise people  inside our home, if you feel safe ask a few open friendly questions “how do you enjoy living here?
  • if possible take a photo
  • Report suspicious behaviour to the police or the caretaker
  • Report faults and vandalism promptly to Remus so they can be rectified quickly and before they get worse.
  • Lock you apartment doors and windows securely
  • Do not leave items in corridor or on the stairs or in the garages (easy pickings)
  • Never put your self at risk

There are vulnerable people who live alone and families with children as our neighbours.

By being more aware and by us all taking more care we can build a stronger community together.

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