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Cost of lift damage

Following an issue with the lift at Atlantic Heights, to replace the button which was pressed in and broken. To supply and install a replacement push button for £418.50 plus VAT.”

That’s £502.20 that adds over £13 to each apartment service charge – we don’t need this expense!

For us all defacement and damage to an elevator can lead to a lot of stress. Elevators have a lot of components that vandals and troublemakers like to tamper with. They can graffiti the mirrors, crack the lights, and take part in other forms of vandalism that will harm the appearance of the elevator and the reputation of your building. To protect your elevator, here are some tips on how to mitigate damage.

When a person tampers with your elevator, they may do more damage than you suspect. Mashing buttons, for instance, can lead to mechanical issues. Vandalism does not only hurt the appearance of the elevator, but it can damage the function. You need to make sure that your elevator functions properly.


Do not leave vandalism for long. You want your visitors to know that you take pride in your building. In addition, you want to ensure that your elevator functions correctly, as any damage to the mechanics can be dangerous. A


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